Little Moments


THE LITTLE MOMENTS! What is life without them? I can not imagine my life without the little moments in my relationship, family, friends, and day to day life. They are the things you remember after a long week. They are the things your remember about someone that make you smile during the day for no reason. The little moments are like little sparks of joy.

RELATIONSHIPS: The little moments are the MOST IMPORTANT! When your man brings you flowers, rubs your feet, or simply takes the time in his day to send a sweet text. Personally my favorites are…. when he puts his hand on my face when he kisses me. Or when he simply listens to me and holds me close to wipe away the tears. It may seem small but he is taking the time to do those things.

FRIENDS/FAMILY: Friends are for when you laugh till you can’t breath and cry till you don’t have any more tears. That moment when you and your best friend have eaten a whole gallon of ice cream, because your day was just that bad! Friends are life lines. It’s those little moments in life with the girl or guy by your side that you will remember for the rest of your life. Those simple but sweet times. Growing up on the back roads, my little moments are the smell of fresh air when you are riding on the back of a 4-wheeler or the stains you get on your jeans from grass sledding. It is that simple, one tiny moment can make someones day better. Family is another great source of the little moments. I like to think about the amazing meals my grandmother cooks and the conversations at dinner.

DAILY LIFE: When you wake up think about 3 things you are grateful for and people that made those things great. When you go to bed at night remember those moments that made you smile that day. Because those moments are what defines the way you look at your day. I may have had the worst day working at the hospital. My day might have been full of grumpy people and awful smells. But what I choose to remember when I got to bed is, that little old woman who hugged me and said thanks for taking her to her car, the CT people turning on music when I walk in so I can dance to it, and the man who told me jokes in the elevator. Those are the little moments to remember.

Live every day like your last. Learn from your mistakes and soak up the good times. What do you think? Leave a comment or share a story!

Britton and I

Britton and I

Senior year with the best people around!

Senior year with the best people around!




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