Fathers Day is just around the corner so here is a little bit about why my dad is my King.  Britton my fiancé is my prince but my Dad will always be my King and first love. My dad was my first best friend, and the person I can always count on to listen and not judge my problems.  He has the heart of a lion and is my true hero. I hope I have a heart just like his my whole life. He always puts others first and cares so much for me. My dad taught me how to fish,  bulid, play basketball,  and most of all have faith.
I have my Dad to thank for my awesome relationship with God. We would sit for hours in our library and just discuss the world and the Bible. He taught me to be myself and how to go about having a personal relationship with God. He is the person I call when I’m bored and just want to chat about the problems of the world, aliens, bigfoot, or movies. He and I don’t always agree on everything like Dads and daughters do but we always get past the tough times. I’m his only child and I try to be the best for him at all times. I love you Dad. You are my King!




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