Our Love



Our love is eternal and everlasting.  Britton is my everything next to God. I love him more and more every day.
We met at Fair Grove High when I was a freshmen and Britton was a junior. We both were busy with sports, school, and friends to pay much attention to each other at first. But as time went on I had a small crush on him. I was going down the hall thinking to myself if I had to marry one guy in my high school who would it be. He came to mind first. Jokingly I thought, I will marry that guy one day.
He graduated a year later and I saw him at the fall festivle and said hi. We talked for 15min or so then went on our way again. Another 5 months past and I went to High Street Church with a friend and he was standing in the isle with two of our mutual friends. We caught each others eye and smiled. I went to say hi and he asked if I wanted to sit with him and I said sure. That night I Facebook messaged him telling him how nice it was to see him and he agreed. He gave me his number, and invited me to church the next Sunday. We had been talking about his struggles through a recent death in the family that week. The following Sunday I gave him a song I wrote for him about how no matter what happened, he has God and family to keep his head high and heart full. A few weeks later he took me on our first date and after our second date he asked me to be his girlfriend on Feb. 11, 2011. In the next 3 years we both went to Missouri State University, learned a lot about each other, and held on tight as life was flying by. Now we are engaged and ready to face lifes adventures as ONE.
Britton is my best friend and partner in life. We have grown so much in the past years. I am so thankful for his nonstop love and understanding.  I am a high strung, artsy, unorganized,  crazy, not serious person and he loves me anyways! I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with him. When I was in middle school I would pray for the man I would marry later in life. I would pray he would have a good day, happy life, and find me. Who knew he was right under my nose the whole time. I prayed for a God loving man with a great family, nice hands, cool name,  and a great smile! I think it’s funny that I got exactly what I prayed for.
I firmly believe God has that special person for everyone if you just pray for them and be patient.  I’m a firm believer in true love and sacrifice. For those who do not have a partner in life yet, I would say be patient and trust in the Lord. When you meet him you will look back and see how God was preparing you for them your whole life. I definitely look back now and see when I was frustrated at God for tough decisions, pain, and confusion, He was teaching me how to be an amazing future partner and wife to Britton. But not only for Britton but for myself also.  The Lord was testing me the same way a relationship tests you every day. So in conclusion that is our love, our relationship,  and our story.



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