I recently bought an old army trunk. It was a steal and I have been looking for one for a while. But this trunk is differentent.  It has a man’s name on it, and his address.  It says James S. Buckner Jr. 1201 N. Clay Springfield Mo. and his LT #. So at first this excited me that I have a real antique.  Then it slowly started to give me the creeps. Why was this trunk so cheap and why did no one else want it. I sat on my couch and just gave it the stink eye for a few minutes and decided to make up a story about the truck and where it came from. My story was that it was a nice trunk from a war hero who gave it away to people in need with lots of food in it. And then it was given away to this lady who I bought it from, and it was just a odd coincidence I just happen to live not far the street on the trunk.

    This led me to Google search James S. Buckner. I gathered up all of my social media stalking skills and started on my way through the World Wide Web in search of Mr.Buckner. The search led me to his wife Lucille and then to his daughter.  I found her obituary in an old Springfield News Leader Online. I read about his family and his daughter. Today he would have been 94 years old. He was also one of the founders of Community of the Ozark Foundation.

    After an hour of searching I came to a dead end and put down my phone. This is where I really started thinking.  What happens when we die. I don’t mean our bodies. (I work at the hospital I have that part figured out)

    I mean our stuff. Our life story. Where does it go? When I die will some girl later on get my bible that says my name and Google search me? Is that where we go? Do we go into this huge database online and it collects documents with our name on it and pulls it all together?  I don’t think I’m okay with giving my life legacy to the internet and letting it hold the story of my life. What if it only keeps the bad pictures of me. What if it crashes and I’m lost? What if it messes up my name or date of birth and no one ever finds me.

    So the question is, what happens to our life story? I don’t know! But I sure hope I leave a good one behind. I don’t want to be forgotten. I want to leave a legacy or be remembered by someone who can share my story.  I want to make a story worth sharing. Hopefully if a kid gets my stuff in 90 years with my name on it they won’t have to make up a story. Hopefully they will know who I am. I don’t want to be famous but I want to leave this world knowing I have done meaningful things in my life and I lead a great example for the people around me. I want more out of life.

     So in conclusion, I don’t know what my future holds or what people will remember me as, but from now on I definitely know I want it to be good. I want someone to look me up on Google one day and learn about my family, husband, and our life and how we lived for Christ and lead a good example. That is what I hope happens to my life story when I die. I hope it stays alive and is filled with the glory of God. I hope it is happy and triumphant. So next time you are in an antique store and you see a bunch of people’s things. Don’t think of them as junk. Think of them as little pieces of someone’s story. Think about who owned that and what they did. Even if you have to make up a story. Make it a wonderful one and remember that that might be your things there one day. Make sure and always live for Christ but to plant seeds in peoples hearts on your way to him!


  1. I LOVE this! I love you Ms Abby!! This story has shown me why it is, you and Dani are such close friends! I too love to flea market, and have thought so many times about the people whom once owned the treasures I buy. You have given me a whole new outlook on my thoughts.


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