You Are More Than Many Sparrows



You are not alone. You are loved. You are worthy. You are capable. You are important.

I want you to know that you are unique and you are one of a kind. Only you have lived your life and only you can connect with the people you do. I care about you, I want you to be happy, and I want to hear your story.

I spent a long time thinking I was alone. Of course I love my family and I know they love me. I’m not talking about love or your single status. I’m talking about YOUR DREAMS. We all have people who love us, but your dreams are different. They are yours and yours only. You do not need acceptance for your dreams and you are the only one who can make them come true. I am here to say you can make them come true and your dreams are not crazy or foolish. They are part of you.

The past year I have made a lot of changes in my life. Some of them are big and some are very small. I have a constant need to be independent and unique. I want to be more. What I want in life seems to always be the opposite of what everyone else is doing. But that is okay. Because I know it’s the best for me and it’s all part of a bigger plan. I want to be a million different things at the same time and my dreams always conflict each other. I want to fulfill all of them that I can. They are not too crazy, but to reach some of them I have to sacrifice a normal life style. I need to live outside the box and reach out to those who feel the same. This is hard for me because I am painfully shy. (Not after you get to know me.) But I am awful at reaching out to people and asking for help. This is where I felt so alone. I thought that my dreams were unobtainable because they are not in the norm and some are looked down upon. But guess what… when you search and reach out to people who have similar dreams. You will be amazed at what will happen. Thanks to “Sweet Pea” branding and “A Beautiful Mess” blog I have been able to connect with so many awesome new people about living a unique creative life as a young entrepreneur. Check them both out if you have not! Also… find friends who accept you. I surround myself with lovely people who love who I am. They are all accepting of who I want to be, and only care if I am okay and not if what I am doing is up to their standards. The people you surround yourself with are a huge part in reaching your dreams. It is all about you, but you are not alone , like I keep saying. You don’t have to be if you don’t want to. I am here and so are so many others! Do what is best for you, but don’t forget that every decision has a consequence. Be independent, but be thoughtful. Be unique, but be kind.

Now let’s talk about those dreams of yours. Write them down and make them real. Put dates when you want to accomplish them by. You don’t have to reach them by that date but it gives you a rough time. Next to each one write down what you need to do to accomplish those dreams. You may find that some of them need a lot of money. (I always have that problem)

If this is your problem than write another list on how to make more money so you can eventually peruse your dream. “A Beautiful Mess” blog says you should always have multiple source of income. So do it. If Grandma wants you to clean her gutters for $20…. do it. Every bit counts. Dreams take time and some take money. You can do it! If you are a person of faith like me then remember that you are more than many sparrows. You are never alone. God knows how many hairs are on your head and he does not let a sparrow fall to the ground without knowing. So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows. If God cares that much about a sparrow, imagine how much he cares about you and me, just a thought. (Mathew 10:29-31)

So whether you think there is a bigger plan in life or you are carving it yourself. I am here for you and I want to help you. Now go write down those dreams and get to work! I wish the best for all of you and I want each one of you to be happy.

Let me know how it goes xoxo

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