• I dance around my house and pretend I’m Michael Jackson…Daily.
  • I sing (yell) at the top of my lungs in my car to Foreigner and Journey.
  • My favorite shoes are the ones that stink the worst.
  • I make to-do lists every day and fail to complete them because I always find something better to do. (YOLO)
  • I secretly love when Britton bugs me to the point of insanity.
  • I have been known to stash cash in my jacket pockets in the morning so at the end of the day I can find it and act surprised.
  • I must have asked the Lord to come into my heart 200 times just to make sure.
  • I use the hair blow dryer for an iron in the mornings on my clothes. (it works!!!!)
  • I dry my jeans. (my future mother-in-law would not be proud)
  • I’m guilty of smelling my socks to decide if they are clean enough.
  • When I mess up singing song lyrics while in the car with some one else, I just start singing my own rendition louder. (that was on purpose)
  • Messy buns and a big t-shirt are this girls best friends
  • If I don’t want to wear a bra to run to the grocery store… 3 shirts will hold them down right??
  • My favorite stuffed animal is under my side of the bed just incase I need it.
  • I make funny faces in the mirror after every shower. ( I already look all wet and funny so it cant hurt to make some ugly faces to go with it)
  • When someone would say OH MY GOD, I would whisper under my breath GOSH 3 times so God wouldn’t be mad at them and hopefully he would hear my 3 goshes over their one God.
  • I wear my homecoming crown around the house when I am home alone and talk in a foreign accent.
  • I refuse to throw away my beanie baby collection from elementary. (They are family gosh darn it!)
  • When I want to be a rebel I watch Jerry Springer. (But I change the channel back and forth just so I’m not REALLY watching it.)
  • I put tape over my computer camera because I always knew people were spying on me.
  • When I pick a wedgie in front of a security camera, I turn around, wave, and put my thumbs up.
  • I pray for Britton every night when he falls asleep. I put my hand on his back and whisper my hopes and dreams for him.
  • I still have the movie ticket from my first double date.
  • One of my most prized possessions is a simple bullet casing that was shot at my great uncles funeral.

So now you know. You are not crazy and maybe you are just not as crazy (fun) as me. We all have those little funny things that make us who we are. These are all things that I’m sure a million girls around the world do. But they help me get through the day and thats all that matters. They lead to laughs, stories, and happiness. So next time you are home and bored, get up, turn on that music, and shake your booty! Next time you have 2 dollars in your possession, put them in your pocket before you wash your jeans and in a few days you will have a nice surprise. Its not weird, it is fun and it brings laughter to your life. If anything, I am here to help you be happy. Enjoy the day ladies!


  1. You make me so proud every time I read something from you! I’m one of you best fans, even though I don’t see you often. My Dad would be so happy! Love you, Cheryl


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