Pity Parties, Lists, & Wisdom From A Little Girl


I was sitting in the gym this week and a little girl came and sat by me and started asking me a million questions. Among them she asked what I did. I assumed she meant my job so I stated to tell her about my “real job”. She stopped me mid sentence and said, “No, what do you do?” I started again but this time I told her about my photography and how I am working on it and trying to make it better. This is what she wanted to hear. It was funny that I was just having a pity party for myself the day before about how my “real job” was not what I loved to do and I felt like I had not accomplished anything. But this little girl in her own way reminded me that it doesn’t matter what your day time job is. Are you doing what you love at some point in your week?

She then asked about what music I liked and we talked about that for a little while. She left to go do some pushups and then she ran back to me and said, “Did you grow up to be what you always wanted to be?” Before I could answer she told me that she has always wanted to be a robot or spiderman then walked away again. I got to thinking about her question. Had I become what I have always wanted to be? Well I am 21 so I know I am not done growing up. But am I even on the right path towards what I want to do? So what do you think I did? Yes, I made a list of all the things I had ever wanted to be. Here are a few. A mind reader, dog whisperer, interior designer, rock star, magazine editor, photographer, adventurer, wife, rich women who owned a money tree, professional cookie eater, and of course a starving artist who lived with her dog on the streets. So many great things I have thought of! Now why cant I be them all. I WANT TO BE THEM ALL! So I made another list. How many of these things had I accomplished?

Sure I am a mind reader. I have a successful relationship and you have to read the other persons mind half the time. I have been a dog whisperer, I whispered into a dogs ear once or twice. I went to interior design school for 2 years so I got the basics of that one. I can put together a 3D model of a house. BAM! I have rock star hair every morning and jump around the house while singing on a daily basis. DONE! Magazine editor, well I cut pretty pictures out of magazines so I edit them by taking the photos out. I take wedding photos and got a photography internship so that one is checked off. I have lived in 4 different places in 4 years. I call that an adventure. I’ll be a wife on MAY 16th 2015!!!!!!!!! BOOM! I have not figured out the money tree one, so I substitute hiding money in my pockets. SURPRISE! I have eaten a million cookies in my lifetime and I can tell you what makes a good cookie and a really bad cookie. The starving artist one, I can say I have not tried that yet. I had a dog once, I lived in a house by a street and painted inside that house while I was hungry. So close enough.

See you can be whoever you want. I can say I have accomplished all the things I have wanted to be in my life so far. Do what you love and money and happiness will find you. I PROMISE. I am a prime example of not knowing what I want to do when I grow up. But lets be honest, I doubt I will ever grow up. (sorry Britton) You can do what you love in your free time while you make money in your “real job”. It doesn’t mean you are not what you want to be. You just need a job to fund your fun. So when you are having a tough day and you are worried you will never accomplish your goals just think of it differently. Make a few lists and start feeling better. If you need help I am excellent at rationalizing things.

Its amazing how God works. Here I was just thinking about this topic and wondering how to share it with others and that sweet little girl walks right into my life for a few seconds. Pay attention to the little moments in life. It is amazing what kind knowledge they hold. Every little thing is Wh and so is every person. Have a good day loves!


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