I have a ton of people ask me about Britton. I always get asked what Britton does for work, how he feels about me, and who he is in general. So I decided to ask him these questions and get his true opinion. If you have ever met Britton you know that he is extremely quiet and smart. I would say only a handful of people truly know him. He was sitting on the couch in front of me and I was on the floor. We had Pandora playing and I had my computer out. I typed every word he said. Everything below is in his words exactly… with my commentary.

What is love and what does it mean to you? He laughed, repeated the question out loud, and said skip.

Who is your role model? (He is eating mint ice cream at this point and humming to the song on Pandora) “I would say my role model is my Dad. He started working at Kraft about 26 years ago and worked his way up from the bottom. He did it all while loving my mom and helping raise 3 kids. He has a lot of determination and knows what hard work is. He also never missed a ball game, and he always played games with us outside. I hope one day to be the kind of dad he was. I hope to be man enough to make sacrifices for my family like he did.”

Why did you decide to marry me? “Well when I saw you at church 4 years ago I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I thought you were extremely beautiful. After we got to know one another, I found out how kind your heart was and how much you cared for me. I also think you are funny. It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to spend my whole life with you.”

Describe your job. “I work in power transmission distribution and sell aftermarket parts to large factories to keep their equipment running. I also travel around and meet people in manufacturing facilities to make sure they have all the parts they need. I find solutions to the problems they are having.”

What does marriage mean to you? “Loving the other person even when you hate them…. just kidding…. But really, it means recognizing that God has a similar path for your lives. He knows that you can complete your journey better with each other. People are not meant to be alone. Marriage means a close intimate relationship with another person.”

Describe yourself in 3 words. First he told me he was funny, funny, and funny. Then paused and gave me the goofiest smile and slowly said, “Well I guess determined, loving because I love you, and understanding.”

What are 2 things that are most important to you? “You are because you are the person I chose to spend my whole life with. I want to make sure you are happy and have everything you need in life.” He then paused and told me he wished the next thing that was most important to him was his relationship with God. But that it is probably work. He leaned back on the couch and tilted his head up. He sat quiet for a bit and then said, “Honestly before you asked me that question, I didn’t even realize how much I was not paying attention to that. Work is crazy.” He then nodded his head and looked at me with a big smile. That means next question please.

Who or where do you turn to when you are lost? “Well Siri of course. No, I turn to you. Because you are firm in what you believe. I know God chose you to be my partner in life. I know that you will have the best answers because he knows I will listen to you.”

Why are you so quiet? “I am always studying my surroundings. I start to pay so much attention to everyone else I forget to talk. I’m always thinking about my next move.”

Is there anything you would like to add?
He had a big smile on his face and started singing the current song on Pandora again. He then told me he would like to answer the first question again. He said, “When I think of love I think of our relationship when we had only been together 3 months. It was when I was trying so hard to impress you. Love is butterflies in the stomach and tingling skin.” He said he had a lot to say but was trying to shorten it. He continued, “I always thought you had beautiful eyes. But it was around the 3 month mark that I looked into your eyes and saw your soul. That was the moment everything clicked and I felt a peace come over me. At that moment I realized this really is the girl I will spend my whole life with. That is the moment I found out what love feels like. Love is maintaining that feeling and showing the other person how you feel.”

Britton is a very simple and quiet person with a sweet and caring heart. I am truly blessed to call him mine. I know a lot of this is sweet and personal but if I am going to tell you all about myself I feel like you should know about the person I spend most time with. Our relationship is far from perfect and we are far from perfect. We get mad, we say crazy things, we are bull headed, and bicker, but it truly comes down to our foundation. We work every day at our relationship and strive to keep God in the middle. Everyone deserves someone that makes you the best person you can be. Strive to find that one guy or girl that strengthens you as a person. No one is perfect, but there is someone perfect for you.

Xoxoxo -Abigail and Britton



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