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Lead me but do not stand in front of me. Push me but do not stand behind me. Promise me but do not promise forever. Kiss me but do not kiss me goodbye. You are the one beside me, you give me strength and love that keeps me alive.
We have never been more than a few streets or a classroom door away our entire lives. Next month Britton and I have been together for 5 years! He is not only my life partner, my husband, and my best friend, he is my leader. In 5 years I have learned some of life’s greatest lessons by his side. I have received a lot of nice words about our relationship so I decided to share the things I have learned these last 5 years.
The number one thing I learned was to listen to him. Because as a Christian woman in a Christ centered relationship I truly believe the Lord speaks through Britton to me. He knows I will listen to him and follow him anywhere. I have learned that if I take the time to communicate with Britton my struggles and share in his that the Lord truly surrounds us and uses us to talk to each other. Every time I am lost Britton says the most perfect thing at the right time. He is a quiet and simple man but when he talks you better listen because it is usually important.
I have learned to hold your partner high, praise them when good deeds are done, and support them in the tough times. Show them you care and surround yourself with happiness and little exciting moments! Fighting is only an option if it is something you feel is important to your relationship or important to fight for. Above all just be happy. Find the happiness in every moment, in everyday, and every stage of life. We all go through seasons but stand firm in your relationship and you can get through anything.
I am not usually one to talk about my faith or to call my self a Christian in front of others because I feel like everyone has there own word for what they feel inside. But I am proud to say I am a woman of God and I seek his glory in our relationship.
Find a man that when he speaks to you it’s exactly what you needed to hear in that moment. Find the man who leads you by standing firm by your side and supporting you. Find a man who seeks the Lord and takes the time to know every part of you. He is out there. Mine had been by my side since day one. Sometimes the most important people have been there the entire time.

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