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 I got up early today and went to my anatomy class, got out around 9:15 and then went to the grocery store. I had every intention on getting enough food for an entire meal. I walked in and I started wandering around trying to figure out what to cook, while wondering this I also wondered how to cook whatever I was going to do.
Here is the struggle, I like buying food that looks pretty, I want to only buy healthy food, if I can’t pronounce it I don’t eat it, I hate cooking, and I’m not a fan of leftovers. So what does a wife do when she does not want to cook? That is my question. How can I be a good wife……in the kitchen anyways. I feel like I have the rest of the wife life figured out, but the pesky kitchen gets me every time. I tell myself that it’s okay because I can slack in one area but It seems to be the most important to everyone else. If I had a dime for every time someone asked me if I can cook, and then after my response they told me I should probably start learning….. I would be beyond rich. It seems to be the first and last question everyone asks after they find out I’m married. So you see my struggle.

What does a girl do when she doesn’t like meals, loves snacks, and hates cooking?

I have been told that it is a privilege to cook for a family…. I find it more of a hassle. I can usually think of at least 10 things I would rather be doing with Britton than sitting there chomping on food or staring at the stove. I would rather take a meal bar out on the kayaks and spend those extra hours after work on the water. I always find eating on a hammock more fun, or enjoying the night with friends. Is that so bad?

So back to the store this morning. As I was walking out of the store with my 2 bags of groceries filled with dog food, some avocados, peanut butter, fruit, and veggies, I said to myself, “Abigail it is okay that you are not like other wives. Because what makes you a good wife is who you are not, what you cook, it’s not about the amount of food you eat with Britton it’s what you do with that time you have. Not being a good cook does not mean you are a bad wife, it makes you a different wife,” So to all those ladies who are new wives, old wives, or about to be a wife. I think it’s okay to be different. You don’t have to follow the norm to be happy. Don’t make yourself do something that in return will create tension and time not well spent. Do what is best for you two, not everyone else.

So after this morning I decided to not feel bad for not cooking big beautiful meals. I’ll stick to my rushed and thrown together food, my meal bars, my one sided meals that always consist of chicken. Because that’s who I am and Britton loves me anyways. So thanks foggy Monday morning for helping me realize that being a good wife is being a good you!

(P.s. Luckily Britton can cook so we don’t starve and the above picture is my regular day except dinner)

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