Leaving and Cleaving

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These past few months have definitely tested our relationship in more ways than we can count, emotionally and physically. Not just the miscarriage but everything that happens after. So many tests, money, bad news, and physical pain. I have cried myself to sleep more than once. But through all of this I have learned so many important things about our relationship. The one I would like to share about is leaving and cleaving.

Through all of this heartache I wanted to immediately call Mom and Dad to pour my heart out to them. I wanted to be held by them. But that is not what I did, not once. Days later after each event, I would go to them, but not until I had gone to Britton first. Britton was truly the person who helped me realize this was the best option. I wanted my Mom, and would ask him to call her. But he did not. He would sit next to me, take my phone away, stroke my hair, and just talk or listen to me while the tears rolled down my face. Just like the way my parents would. He showed me in those moments that he is the one that is here for me now. I chose to leave my parents and cleave to him when I said my vows. In the bible it says, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Genesis 2:24) And that is exactly what we did. You don’t have to be a religious person to do this. It is a good lesson for everyone.

Cleaving to someone is not just for you, but for them also. If I had fled to my parents every time my heart hurt, I would have left Britton behind and forgotten about his feelings in all of this. By cleaving to each other, I got to comfort him in these tough times. We were able to communicate about our feelings, and truly be there for one another. Instead of letting all of this break us down and break us apart, it brought us closer together. Don’t forget that you are not the only one hurting. Leaving and cleaving is scary at first, you are putting 100% faith in this person, you are letting your guard down and letting them in. I know that I have a tall concrete wall around my heart. Letting him in and letting my feelings out was the best thing for our relationship.

So next time life gets rough or you get in a fight. Instead of running to your friend or your parents to vent, choose to cleave. Grab your other half and say you are sorry, say that you are there, and reassure them of how strong your love is. You are one flesh now. I may be a hopeless romantic but I believe in the power of love. Choose your spouse daily. Support each other and cleave to them. Show them that being married is so much more than just living together, big decisions, and cuddles. Marriage is a powerful and amazing thing. Being married means you have unending support.


After each blog I receive so many sweet people with questions. If you want to know more about any of this or about us, don’t hesitate to message me or text me. I am an one book and I want to help you. You can also share by pressing the Facebook icon.

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