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My first post for The Meraki Project is up! You can click on the link below or go to the menu above and click on the Meraki page. Here is a preview of Kate’s story…

I often felt the need to drink at baby showers or avoided them, or I drove home from them crying. I had miscarriages while friends were pregnant and would distance myself from them with no explanation, partial fear of scaring them I guess. Also jealously. I know from experience how to be jealous and happy for someone all at once.

I used to hear women tell me “oh I know where you are coming from, I had trouble too”, that have kids. I would think to myself, no no you don’t you have kids now, you don’t know

I was close to giving up hope after 5 miscarriages. I feel like now that I have her I can’t say I know what it feels like to not be able to have kids because I don’t, so I won’t be saying that.. but I understand now that people were just trying to comfort me and give me hope.

We were strongly considering adoption as David is still a south African citizen and we don’t qualify for state side adoption or foster care. I was going to have a child one way or another!….. read more


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