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Having faith is like me telling my friend who lives across the US. Hey come over for dinner. I really want you to come over and I can’t wait to see you. But.. I am not going to tell you how to get to my house, I’m not going to tell you where I live, or what my house looks like. But I will lead you with a promise of knowing my house is real, I am real and that you will eventually get here.
To me this is just like faith. God promises us he is real by sending his son to tell us. He shows us miracles, and gave us the Bible. But he left out the map to get to him, what he looks like, and where he is. But he leads us with the promise that we will eventually meet him.
It’s not about the destination. It is about the journey. The friend who never stops trying to get to the house will eventually find it. It’s about the faith you have that you will get there, the things you learn along the way, and the people you will meet. The friend who gives up on finding the house and says they can hang out with their friends at home never makes the journey of faith. Never learns about them self, and never gets to the destination.
Just like faith, if you never stop seeking God you will eventually find him and find yourself long the way. But if you give up and give in to earthly things, the only thing you have found is nothing.
It is okay to question everything, it is okay to get lost, because He has promised us that we will find him if we keep looking. To truly search for God you must take the journey. You must go out there, find yourself, and find what you are looking for. Each road is different and we all go about it in a different way. What is important is that you keep driving, keep trying!

A song that says this all perfect is Even if by Mercy Me

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