Meraki: Greek (n) doing something with soul, creativity, and love. When you put “something of yourself” into what you are doing.

I started a photo/writing project last year called Stories of Meraki. Stories of mothers who have had rainbow babies, a miscarriage, premature delivery, difficult pregnancies,  postpartum depression, and any other complication. I am hoping that by sharing their stories, these women can finally have peace, be able to share with others, and become repeatable to so many invisible mothers. I shared my story on here and I had so many strong women surround me with words of wisdom, hope, and love. I can only hope that by others sharing their stories, that they can feel the same amount of  love and care that I did. My ultimate goal is to let my fellow women know that they are not alone in the struggles of life. And we are all stronger together than hiding away. None of these topics are shameful and none of them are something to hide. We are women, we create tiny humans, and we are mighty together.

As you can guess, I went through a miscarriage in 2016. I lost a baby at 8 weeks. Most people would say, “Well that’s so early, it wasn’t really a baby.” Well try telling that to yourself after you have already thought about the future, told your parents, and shared in the excitement with your spouse. I had a missed miscarriage. My body rejected the baby but nothing happened. I had to go through chemo to kill my cells in my body so that an actual miscarriage could take place. I had to walk around for 2 weeks knowing that my baby had dies and i was still carrying it. After that I had many painful tests and we were told we might not ever have a baby. Finally I had a surgery. After all of that pain and heart break we were told we could try again. 2 months later I got pregnant again and in November our son Jude will be here. I share my story to let other women know that they are not alone. No matter how insignificant you may think your story is…because of how many weeks you were. It is real, it is raw, and there are so many feelings tied to it. I am so glad I shared my story when I did, because I received so much support through not only the miscarriage but everything that came after. I want everyone to have as much support as I did through their journey.

Go to the link below and become part of the Meraki Project!!! You can also submit your story on the contact page.


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