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Future Mr. & Mrs.

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Clancy and Ben, I can not say enough good things about you both. I was honored to be able to capture your special day. You two are full of such happy love. Just by watching you both, I can see that you will have the happiest marriage. I am so thankful for the time spent with you!


Life, Photography

Britton and I went to high school with this cute family. We have had many good bonfires, laughs, meals, and talks. We helped prepare for there little babe, and were there right after she was born. Yesturday we danced in the field, chased up gravel roads, and sat among the flowers. Click on a picture to make a slideshow. Do not take them off of this site. You can share at the bottom of the page through social media.


Life, Photography

Walker turned one! This sweet boy is growing so fast.  I remember holding him in my arms one year ago and immediately falling in love! Walker Glenn… you are so loved and so cherished!Cick on a picture to make a slideshow.

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