Daily essentials for the little babe.


Here are some items that are helping us stay sane and keeping our little babe happy. I wish someone had shared these things with us when we first had Jude. A lot of them are like.. well duh.. but when you are sleep deprived you are not thinking straight. I honestly try to be a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff. So getting the right few things is important. So here are some things that we are loving right now. ( fair warning I am not a all organic mom)

The Owlet sock. By far my favorite baby purchase. The price tag is big but I promise it is worth it. The Owlet is a oxygen and heart monitor. You can’t put a price on piece of mind and sleep. It alarms you at the base station and on your phone when baby’s heart rate or oxygen is low. This helped me sleep and not worry about checking on him every few seconds when he was new. I also love it when he is taking naps and I don’t have to keep checking on him, I can just look at my phone and it will tell me his levels. It makes me more productive and helps him get better sleep. I have not been using it as much at night since he sleeps in our room and snores like a freight train. But I can’t wait to use it as we transition to the crib.

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Mini humidifier from Toys R Us. It is about the size of my hand. It doesn’t take up much room and is perfect size for just Jude. It fits perfect on a shelf right near his bed. It is almost silent, lasts 9 hours, and has a night light!!! Before this he had a stuffy nose every morning.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Giraffe rattle sold by Starting Out (at Dillards) is his favorite cuddle toy. It is a great snuggle size without getting in his face. He naps with it a lot and I don’t have to worry about it smothering him. The cactus chew toy by Iitzy Ritzy. (Target) is helping him with teething. The back of it has a raised pattern for gum massage. He also likes to snuggle it. Easy to clean and easy to pack in the bag. My favorite burp rag is sold by Wee and Me. It is a cute design and came with a matching bib. I love it because it is thick and soft. My other favorite burp rags are by Gerber. They are HUGE!! If you have a baby who likes to throw up a lot like Jude.. YOU NEED THOSE! I get them at the grocery store in the baby isle end cap at HyVee.


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Night light with stars. This little lamb has multicolored stars that shine on the ceiling and also plays music. (Toys R Us) It keeps him occupied while I take a shower or put on makeup. Honestly we put it in our room sometimes because we think it is cool too. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Ikea lantern. This is awesome at night. We leave it on all the time so we don’t have to turn on the light when changing his diaper or feeding him in the middle of the night. It puts off just enough light to see what you are doing without waking him up. And it is a cool decoration during the day.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

In the beginning I was going to breastfeed only…. then Jude decided he didn’t like that and my boobs decided they didn’t want to really help out either.. so formula it was… then I was only going to have 3 bottles and never buy a drying tree….. Then I got tired of washing bottles every few hours.. so 8 bottles later and 2 drying racks I am so thankful!!! (all munchkin brand) Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sleeper clothes with NO FEET! Fun fact, Jude hates feet in this clothes. He was really fussy at night and did not sleep well the first few weeks and we would strip him naked and he would be happy.  He would kick and kick until we let him be naked. So we tried one of these and he has been sleeping through the night since 2.5 months old.  This one is from Carters and it has a zipper. I recommend the zippers because at 2a.m., those pesky 8 button legs get really blurry and hard to snap.92E3DDE2-864A-4915-88B6-5B4FC40B3DF8

Target Sensitive wipes are the holy grail of wipes. They are easy to use because one comes out at a time instead of 10. And the hard plastic cap keeps them fresh.Also a good price. Boudreaux’s butt paste is my fav. I tried the organic one and it didn’t work on him but the original does. Honestly since using the target wipes he rarely gets diaper rash. The nose sucker from the hospital is hands down the best. The ones at the store don’t have enough suction. TAKE THAT THING WITH YOU WHEN YOU ARE RELEASED!!! Nose saline helps get those boogers out without drying out the nose. But the best trick yet is the foundation sponge! We use it as a butt paste applicator because that crap does not come off your hands. You can buy them cheap in the makeup isle anywhere. Easy to clean and easy to use.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Halo sleeper sack only needs four words….HE SLEEPS ALL NIGHT!Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

You need 4-5 diaper changing pad covers! That is not a joke. Between boogers, poop, throw up, and a little boy who pees. I go through 2 a day sometimes. Target has so many cute ones they are like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Jude sleeps in the Rock N Play in our room. He loves it!!!! It is considered a safe bassinet. It is inclined so it really helps with his acid reflux. I got the one that has a sound machine and self rocks on a timer! Worth the extra $! Its is also just good for him to chill in during the day. The white noise sound is what he sleeps too every night. It is just loud enough that it covers background noise and lets us put him to bed early in our room, but still have the TV on in the living room without waking him. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

You need 1 million bibs.. or like 20. I like the bandana ones but all bibs are good. Between spit up and  drool they save me a lot of laundry time. you have to have so many because you stash them everywhere and go through like 4 a day during teething. The amount of drool is  unreal!Processed with VSCO with a6 presetOnce again, I would love to be a breastfeeding mom but it just didn’t work out. Formula is insanely expensive and it takes a long time to find the right one. We went through 4 different types before finding this one. We use Similac sensitive. It really helps with his acid reflux and has a  lot of great nutrition. Similac also sends a lot of coupons and free cans every few months.

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Jude and I are both allergic to scents in lotions, detergents, and perfumes. We use Dove sensitive lotion and body wash. He never has dry skin or baby acne with this. Also we use All free and clear detergent for clothes. Dreft which is commonly used does have scents in it. We wash our clothes with All also. If your baby’s skin is frequently irritated I recommend this. Remember he puts his face on your clothes just as much as his.

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This is a organization cart from Target. It has been great for a diaper changing station and storage. It also has wheels so during postpartum recovery it can go wherever you want to sit all day. The top fits 2 packages of diapers and wipes. Second shelf we keep burp rags and chew toys/binki. Third shelf is bath supplies.

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These are our daily essentials. They work for us and Jude is a very happy baby. I’m not claiming to know the best products but I thought if these things are working great for us, they might save some time and money for someone else. Feel free to ask questions.