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This young woman knows better than most that life has its twist and turns. I met Mollie 8 years ago on the basketball court. Still to this day I tell people how she could twist and turn and make any shot possible. We lost track of each other until I walked into a meeting at the News-Leader and there was Mollie. A month later I received a FB message from her asking if I was up for a project. Of course I said yes. It was the best decision I could have made. Last night Mollie and I walked around Springfield and told our stories. She opened her heart to me and I opened mine. She shared that the reason she is ready to open up, is because she read my story by 7billionones. It is truly beautiful to stand next to a fellow hurting woman and be able to say, I understand and I am here for you. After many shots, giggles, real life talk, and hugs these are the images that show the real and raw Mollie. I won’t tell you her story but she will share it soon. I can’t wait for her to feel that amazing feeling when you finally let all your worries go and know that by telling your story, you have helped so many fellow women. This is Mollie.



Autumn in Autumn

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Autumn and I met on Instagram and when I mentioned I have been wanting to take photos here, she jumped at the opportunity. I have met some of the best people on insta and she is definitely one of them. She was so easy to photograph. Her awesome personality and beauty shines bright. You can click on individual photos to make them bigger. Please do not take photos of of this is site.



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Kantao Wedding

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A preview of Carlie and Mahamadou’s wedding last week. The first time I met Carlie I knew this was going to be an awesome day! Mohamadou and his family are from Mali Africa and they mostly speak French. Carlie is from a small town in Missouri and they met at Missouri State University. They are so amazing, and complete each other so well. They started out in traditional wedding wear, and then we went back to the venue and got into classic wedding wear. It was awesome getting henna with the ladies, seeing all the designs, seeing the amazing clothes, and meeting a ton of really sweet people. Congrats on your big day!



I met Ashton while working my very first job at Cox. She is one of a kind for sure. She and Steven are a perfect example of young love. They tease, but you can tell just by the way that they look at each other they are still head over heels after 6+ years. I can remember the day she texted me and told me she was having a baby! I started jumping up and down and asking her all kinds of questions. I knew he would be amazing just like them. Walker is the sweetest little boy. Before we took pictures we played at their house and practiced our wink. I can’t say enough nice things about this family. They truly are a blessing and I am so glad we can fellowship with them as we grow older.


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This little girl is so loved! Her Mom is amazing with her and I am her Nana’s biggest fan! Her aunt Melanie is one of my longest friends and Faye is beyond cute and sweet. We chased ducks, played with some stuffed animals, ran around, and I even got a hug! She was a trooper in the heat! Here is a sneak of her session this morning!