Emily was awesome to work with. She has the easiest going attitude and a contagious laugh. I told her she looks like a perfect southern bell in her photos and we laughed because she is from Washington! I am so happy we get to do another shoot in a few months! Because I can’t get enough of these!


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Fur kids are just as important! Pets are always welcome in your photo sessions! I am so glad I could meet up with this awesome group!


Mark & Casie

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Mark and Casie had a backyard wedding this weekend. It was beyond perfect and so romantic. The first thing Mark said when he saw Casie walking down the isle was, “WOW.” And he was so right. I love their relationship because they show everyone what pushing through the bad till you get to the good can look like. You can tell just by the way they look at each other that they are soul mates. I met Mark 2 years ago and immediately became friends with him. He is seriouse on the outside but the kindest on the inside, and Casie’s sweetness complements him perfectly.I am so happy for you two and so excited for your future. Here are just a few of my favorite moments.

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Kantao Wedding

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A preview of Carlie and Mahamadou’s wedding last week. The first time I met Carlie I knew this was going to be an awesome day! Mohamadou and his family are from Mali Africa and they mostly speak French. Carlie is from a small town in Missouri and they met at Missouri State University. They are so amazing, and complete each other so well. They started out in traditional wedding wear, and then we went back to the venue and got into classic wedding wear. It was awesome getting henna with the ladies, seeing all the designs, seeing the amazing clothes, and meeting a ton of really sweet people. Congrats on your big day!